Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Conservative Top 50 Rock Songs!

The National Review published a list called the 50 greatest conservative rock songs.

Crazy, I know, right?

Rock music has historically been protest music, and it hasn't been protesting people's rights to be what they want to be, and it certainly hasn't been protesting against Peace.

So what, then, does popular music tent to protest? The Man. More specifically, the White Conservative Authoritarian-leaning Man that continually tries to keep women, youth, and minorities from having the same rights and priviledges that he was born with.

The fact that the list includes John "Imagine" Lennon and U2 songs kinda screams, "Conservative?!? What the hell are you talking about?!"

Many of the songs on the list are anti-Communist and the author has clearly bought into the conservative lie that liberalism and communism are one and the same. Putting songs about the fall of Communism on this list is kinda like including cotton candy on a list of the 50 greatest convervative things to eat -- I mean, really now, who doesn't like cotton candy? No one. By the same token, which section of the American politcal spectrum wasn't thrilled when the Berlin Wall came down? Exactly.

On the Music For America site, Imaginary Dana goes through the list song-by-song explaining which lyrics or bit of historical context were ignored by the list author in his attempt to co-op art that disagrees with his failed ideology. In most cases it's pretty clear, in others Dana does a bang-up job researching and explaining the distortions and ommissions.

Read it here.

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