Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SF Bay Guardian 2006 Best DJs of the Bay

I am honored to have been names the 2006 San Francisco Bay Guardian Best DJ (satellite/online radio). Many thanks to the Guardian and to everyone who took the time to vote in their reader's poll.

The award (scanned above) reads:
It's no wonder that DJ Ted has captured this award two years running. By bridging the gap between the virtual world and live venues, he's proven that indie music has no boundaries. This is especially meaningful by Bay Area Standards: as one reader put it, "he has the platform to do whatever he wants and play what he wants without corporate hoopla driving a bottom line." With remote broadcasts from such far-flung places as Boston, Austin, NYC, Nagano, and Oslo; on-air performances from the freshest underground acts; and intelligent curating of live shows in the best venues in town, Ted is both impresario in a competitive arena and ambassador of the Bay Area's indie music scene. Log on for"480 Minutes" and find out why the world is a little less corporate and a lot more loud.


Anonymous said...

yay! congrats!! we knew you'd do it all along. you kick ass! xoxo

creature said...

Big, big congrats!