Thursday, June 21, 2007

BAGeL Radio on TV!

Hey. Guess what? I was on TV in a story about the internet radio day of silence. Here is a snippet from the story:

Next Tuesday, Internet radio is going to turn the music off and observe a day of silence.

Ted Leibowitz is one of tens of thousands of Internet DJ's protesting a 300-percent increase in royalty fees. Like most Internet radio programmers, Leibowitz does this for the love of music -- in his case, independent rock bands that don't get played on mainstream stations.

Ted Leibowitz, "You're going to go from having this multitude of choices to having almost none."

Leibowitz fears that small operators like him can't afford the recent royalty fee hike. He estimates it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. And his radio station, called Bagel Radio, is not a money maker.

However, the steep hike could force him to hang up his headphones.

Ted Leibowitz: "If my station goes away and all the other stations that play these small subsections of music, all that's going to be left is FM, and clearly there is a market for more than what is on FM."

Go here to read the rest or, better yet, watch the video of the segment.

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