Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thanks, Here's What To Do.

Thanks to Jeff Leeds and The New York Times for bringing wide attention to internet radio and the dire issues the industry faces (and for putting a huge photo of me on page B4!). For those who have not been following the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) Decision story, the major record labels (hiding behind the front group for the RIAA known as SoundExchange) are attempting to wrest complete control of current and future music delivery systems to maintain their dominance of the music industry by killing off independent internet radio.

Thanks to all who have written in and IMed and called today and asked how to help. The answer is simple: call your senators and representatives now to ask them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act, S.1353 in the Sentate and H.R. 2060 in the House of Representatives.

There's a tool at SaveNetRadio.org to help you find your legislators and provide quick and easy ways to contact them.

For those in San Francisco, on Sunday, July 1st we will be having an early evening (6pm-10pm) event at Bottom of the Hill to benefit the SaveNetRadio cause, get people involved, and raise awareness of the issues. The event will feature semi-acoustic mini-sets from Ted of The Heavenly States, Matt Lutz of The Herms, HIJK, raffles, prizes, a bake sale, serious drink specials, plus Elise from SomaFM/IndiePopRocks and I will be sharing the DJing duties. IODA, SonicLiving, reapandsow, and MyOpenBar are all helping to co-sponsor, it is going to be a great way to spend an early summer Sunday evening.

Oh, and if you feel like supporting the station you can buy a BAGeL Radio t-shirt, sweatshirt, bib, onesie, thong, coffee mug, or whathaveyou, you can do so right here right now.

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