Friday, July 13, 2007

"480 Minutes" 7/13/07-new Loquat, YYYs, Editors, rock from China

The good news is July 15th (this Sunday) is no longer the drop-dead date for internet radio. According to Eliot Von Buskirk's WIRED blog, a SoundExchange executive promised before Congress on Thursday "that SoundExchange will not enforce the new royalty rates. Webcasters will stay online, as new rates are hammered out."

Perhaps the webcaster cry, "Dead Webcasters Pay No Royalties" was a concept too simple and direct to ignore.

Of course, earlier in the day SoundExchange issued a press release (sorry, it's a PDF, not a web page) stating that "the Copyright Royalty Judges got it right when they set the [new] royalty rates" and a SoundExchange representative announced that the new rates were "etched in stone." Ummmm...if the Copyright Royalty Judges indeed "set fair rates of compensation," and the rates have been codified, why has the collector of these rates backed away from collecting them here in the 11th hour?

The sleazy RIAA, the organization behind the effort to snuff out independent internet radio, is still looking to screw over artists and consumers alike (the new White Stripes CD comes with a list price of $18.98 -- talk about an industry being it's own worst enemy by confirming customer fears!). Had the SaveNetRadio coalition not effectively mobilized webcasters and listeners alike, internet radio would have been left with three choices: pay the bankruptcy-level new rates; continue to broadcast without paying the new rates (illegally, that is); or cut direct deals with the labels, thereby (a) cutting the artists completely out of the picture and (b) giving the labels tremendous influence over what gets played (not unlike the power that has homogenized most over the air radio playlists into bland, boring, lowest-common-denominator meaninglessness).

Stay tuned, somehow methinks this battle is not over just yet.

Today's show will feature a new, exclusive-to-BAGeL Radio track by Loquat. It's an intimate acoustic-y version of "Shaky Like The Flu," a song that will appear in it's full form on Loquat's forthcoming as-yet-untitled sophomore album. The show will also feature Earlimart, it's first-ever Chinese acts (Lonely China Day and Rebuilding The Rights of Statues), plus new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, John Vanderslice, The Born Again Floozies, Holler Wild Rose!, Sweetwater Abilene, and Editors. Finally, there will be selections from an excellent new compilation of Bay Area artists lovingly curated by the folks at The Bay Bridged. Artists on the compilation (The Bay Bridged, Volume 1) include BAGeL Radio playlist veterans Love Is Chemicals, The Dont's, Peloton, Finest Dearest, and The Old-Fashioned Way.

Please tune in, "480 Minutes" runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, and as always you can request songs:

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BAGeL Radio Presents...
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@ Elbo Room 8/6

One of BAGeL Radio's favorite San Francisco bands, THE OTHERSIDE play psychedelic shoegaze. Imagine The Byrds smoking peyote with Ride and Interpol -- the contact high is worth the price of admission. Fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Stone Roses will love THE OTHERSIDE.

All the way from Cleveland OH. -- it's BEARS, in their first-ever San Francisco show! Fans of The Shins, Peter Bjorn & John, and Camera Obscura will love BEARS' catchy indie pop.

SLINGS, an OC via Gainsville FL. band, open the show with their Yo La Belle & Garfunkel Neutral Milk wash of campfire melodies backed with acoustic guitar, xylophone, melodica, and accordian sounds.

Colin Hay (Men At Work)/ Megan Slankard @ Independent 8/9

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