Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Confusion Over Digital Payouts to Musicians

Artists upset about low digital payouts must read this piece about clearing up Spotify payment confusion.  It tells the side of the story that the RIAA and SoundExchange and David Lowery and Damon Krukowski do not.
The music industry stuck their heads in the sand about the pros and cons related to the digitization of music in the 1990s, conducted their affairs in an atmosphere of fear and lack of understanding, and many bad decisions resulted. The power in the music industry is now shifting from labels to artists and managers. Now that we have more control, let's be careful not to make similar mistakes because we're approaching the discussion from that same vantage point of misinformation and fear.
The starting place for this argument shouldn't be "streaming services don't pay enough for the use of music," but "thank goodness the future of music now, as opposed to in the days of Napster, includes artists getting paid for the use of their music!"

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