Friday, January 22, 2016

"480 Minutes" - Winter Is Here?!

Apparently there is a giant snow storm on the way to NYC. Or something.  Go snow!

Despite the dire weather warnings we plan to have an all-new 480 Minutes program today...unless the power goes out, which, of course, could happen, so you'd better watch.  If that happens I will update this site and our Facebook page to ensure you are fully aware of why your Friday is devoid of my witty banter and uncanny ability to forget where bands are from only when talking about them.  Not to mention who is responsible for such cruel deprivation -- I'm looking at you, Ms. Nature!

The show will include new tunes by Cian Nugent (Dublin, Ireland, @CianNugent), Dressy Bessy (Denver, CO, @dressybessyband), Half Japanese (Uniontown, MD), Mainland (Brooklyn, NY, @mainland), Milk Lines (Montreal, Canada, @Milk_Lines), Night Beats (Seattle, WA, @thenightbeats), Ringo Deathstarr (Austin, TX, @RingoDeathStarr), and Shearwater (Austin, TX, @ShearwaterBand).

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