Friday, October 07, 2016

480 Minutes - All New Music Is Terrible. This Week.

You heard it here first: all new music sucks.  At least the stuff that was submitted this week.  It was unreal -- release after release of twee 80s synth pop without the charm, lame scream-o, and 'artists' trying to make grand musical statements but instead making an unlistenable mess (with some potentially pretty good lyrics obscured by poor production choices and the aforementioned unlistenability). Get off my lawn, and take your misused Simmons drums with you!

To be fair, it was not the worst week of submissions in the 13.5-year history of BAGeL Radio, but it was close.  So...much...garbage (and not that's not a swipe at Shirley, Butch, and co.), just the worst in recent memory.  Still, a few gems saved me from what seemed like an inevitable ill-advised trip to the liquor cabinet, including music by the always reliable The Pack A.D. (Vancouver, Canada, @therealpackad), The Peep Tempel (Melbourne, Australia, @thepeeptempel), Stoor (Dundee, Scotland, @stoormusic), and a new one from Letters To Cleo (Boston, MA, @letterstocleo).

So get ready for an all-new, live-hosted 480 Minutes episode beginning at 9 a.m. Eastern U.S. Time today hosted by a guy who will likely still be little pissed about having listened to hours of crap music when there's so much good new stuff to listen to (see previous 480 Minutes posts for links), but we've made him promise not to bite.  Unless someone requests Bon Iver.  Then all bites are off.

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