Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Radio Ga Ga April 2003

Surprise development of the month: BAGeL Radio is mentioned in a Reuter's newswire story about internet radio. Go to Google, type in "Bagel Radio" and click the News button -- the story has been in Reuter's, Wired, Forbes, and USA Today. If you see it anywhere else please let us know. Thanks.

The playlist received a 75-song overhaul today including some early 90s gems you may or may not recall like Spacemen 3, Wolfgang Press, The Darkside, Bob Mould, Mercury Rev, The Mock Turtles, and Inspiral Carpets, along with new stuff from Kaada, Blow Up Hollywood, Mellowdrone (Pick-o-Bagel), Cursive, The Animalhouse, and others.

Over 40 songs added today including stuff from Machinery Hall (Pick-o-Bagel), Abandoned Pools, Archive, Fonda 500, The Kills (Pick-o-Bagel), Johnny Marr + The Healers, The Mull Historical Society, Dead Man Ray, Spacehopper, and Frances8 -- enjoy!

New music from The Notwist (Pick-o-Bagel) added. Mmmm, The Notwist.

New stuff was indeed added, please share your thoughts about it and any BAGeL Radio playlist items. The Sigur Rós show in Oakland last night was sublime, more on that in the gig journal later.

New stuff will be added today, by hook or by crook. While still unable to upload tracks using the main BAGeL Radio 'uter, will get access to another machine from which the library and playlists will be updated. All apologies for the week without anything new, hope the 300+ songs in rotation were enough to keep the station from getting too boring and/or repetitive.

Still having uploading problems and the new material is piling up -- The White Stripes, The Raveonettes, The Libertines (Pick-o-Bagel), Bettie Serveert, , No Surprises...all sitting and waiting. Cross your fingers for me (I can't because I'm typing).

Found a work-around to my uploading problems and was able to load most of the new tunes to the online BAGeL library last night (still no Bettie Serveert, though - boo, hiss), and worked them into the playlists this afternoon. Check out the new material and use the thumbs up, thumbs down, wishlist, and buy buttons on the Live365 Player window to let me know what you think of them. Thanks.

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