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Why A BAGeL?

The origin of the name "BAGeL Radio"

In the late 1990s we sent around e-mails about which cool bands were playing in the San Francisco Bay Area, and when tickets were going on sale for those shows. It started off as an informal, irregular e-mail to our gig-going friends.

Those friends forwarded them onto their gig-going friends. Some of those friends of friends asked to be added to the distribution list, and about a year later this e-mail was being distributed to over 1000 recipients.

(Keep in mind this was eons ago when such information was scattered across the still-nascent World Wide Web, a time before online gig guides, Facebook...hell, even MySpace wasn't yet a twinkle in old Tom's eye).

A friend of the station suggested that this 'newsletter' needed a name. We asked ourselves, "OK, what is this thing?" and very quickly decided it was the Bay Area Gig eList. In the subject line the name was condensed into an acronym "BAGeL 12/8/98" (for example).

When launching the station in 2003 we tried to come up with a name along the same lines, however nothing we came up with quite rolled off the tongue quite like "BAGeL Radio," so we stuck with the code name and BAGeL Radio was born.

And there you have it.

Ted Leibowitz, BAGeL Radio
Program Director, Music Director, DJ, Tech Support Specialist, QA Engineer, Photographer, Copywriter, Copy Editor, Producer, Reporter, IT, Booking, Promotions, Sound Technician, and Brewer of the strong, strong coffee

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