Sunday, June 01, 2003

Radio Ga Ga May 2003

More new stuff? You say you want more?!? OK. New stuff from Venus Hum (Pick-o-Bagel), Prefuse 73, Starlight Mints, Grand Drive, Kaki King, Andrew Bird, Serart (Pick-o-Bagel), Tomahawk, GOB, Turin Brakes, Decemberists, Placebo, and Stagger Stagger Crawl (Pick-o-Bagel) -- there is so much to love about SSC before one even hears a note of their music. Enjoy!
P.S. -- Feel free to send e-mail to share your opinion of the station -- good, bad, or otherwise.

New additions to the BAGeL Radio playlist include Damien Rice (Pick-o-Bagel), Client, Transplant, The Leaves UK (they don't know they have to add the "UK" just yet, but they will!), Sahara Hotnights, The Unisex, The Havenots (Pick-o- Bagel), Richard Hawley, Girls Against Boys, Relaxed Muscle (Pick-o-Bagel), Nelli Rees, Medium 21, McLuskey.

New adds in rotation today including Seafood, Mankato, King Adora, Jeans Team, Goldfrapp, Ghost Cauldron, Future Kings of Spain, Jack Drag, Heretix, Fugazi, new Archive (Pick-o-Bagel).

Added today: new Four Tet, Electricmusic AKA, new Calexico, Blindside, new Biffy Clyro (Pick-o-Bagel), Beachbuggy, Aqualung, The Free French, Elliott Smith, Ten Speed Racer, Plimsouls, Josie Cotton, The D4, The Glove.

Added a bunch of 60s psychedelia/garage rock including Mott the Hoople, Amboy Dukes, The Chocolate Watchband, The Lyrics, The Bees, The Other Half (the original "Mr. Pharmacist," made a hit again by The Fall in the 80s), Rare Breed, Strangeloves, the Zakary Thaks...we think this stuff fits in pretty well with the existing BAGeL material. Do you agree?

Where to begin? How about we start with what's playing now: Jane's Addiction, "Ocean Size." This one was added because it's hard to find a better rock song. The greatness of Jane's Addiction cannot be overstated: they proved it by playing, by appropriately and effectively exercising the right of free speech (remember that?), and by recording a couple of spectacular albums. "Ocean Size" leads off the better of the couple, and even now, all these years later, there is nothing one could do to better it, nothing at all. If only they'd found a way to stay together to build more of a musical legacy while they were still at the top of their game...But enough about Jane's, also added recently: Marilyn Manson (Pick-o-Bagel), Blur (Pick-o-Bagel), Smashing Pumpkins, The Apples In Stereo, The Specials w/the Clash, Potion, The Wendys, The Walkmen, The Faint, more FC Kahuna, The Streets, Burnside Project, Burning Brides, Built To Spill, No Surprises, Wolfgang Press (forgot how fine those records were), Eric B. & Rakim, Jolie Holland (Pick-o-Bagel), Hidden Cameras (Pick-o-Bagel), 360s, Verve, White Stripes covering Brendan Benson, Sundays, Standard, Postal Service, Police, Pixies, Notwist, Libertines, Clash, Jam, Chills, The Rapture (Pick-o-Bagel), Archive (Pick-o-Bagel), yeah, yeah, yeahs, Walkmen...Just listen. It's good stuff. 24 hours a day.Listen. Think. Process. Reconsider. Enjoy.

New adds including Tok Tok Vs. Soffy O (Pick-o-Bagel), Big Sur, Embrace, Grandadbob, Alternative3, Alpinestars, Dirty Harry, Straw, The Go (Pick-o-Bagel), Mad Capsule Markets (Pick-o-Bagel), Ooberman, Vega4, Ze Malibu Kids, Mazarin.

New adds including Kimone, Parva, Syntax, Tracking Farrago, The Postal Service (Pick-o-Bagel), JunkieXL (Pick-o- Bagel), Mellow, Chris T-T (Pick-o-Bagel), Bright Eyes, Appliance, and The Revs.

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