Wednesday, October 05, 2005

BAGeL Radio Wins CMJ Award

BAGeL Radio, a San Francisco-based indie rock internet radio station, announced today that it has won the 2005 College Music Journal Specialty Music Director of the Year Award. BAGeL Radio became the first internet radio station to win a CMJ award at the annual CMJ Music Marathon Awards in New York City.

Selected as the top Specialty Music Director out of hundreds of CMJ-reporting stations, this is BAGeL Radio’s second major honor of the year after collecting the Best Live Show Award at the 2005 Best Of Live365 Awards.

To read more of the press release, click here.


dac said...


robin said...

Congratulations on your achievements!! And thanks for the information on Dressy Bessy. I will most definitely keep an eye out for them on the Canadian part of their journey. Once again, I can't say enough about BAGel. Seriously, you have totally opened my ears to a ton of cool bands that I probably wouldn't have stumbled across otherwise. Thank you and please keep doing what you do. Cheers mate! Robin

creature said...

I didn't realize you were the first Internet radio station to win a CMJ award, wow.