Thursday, December 15, 2005

SF Bay Guardian 2005 Best DJs of the Bay

The page is now online!

Sorry about the lousy scan, but that's all I have right now. That kid is indeed me, age 4 or so, and that is how I appear in this week's San Francisco Bay Guardian. Hopefully they will get that page online soon, and when they do I will provide the link. In the meantime check pg. 34 of the Bars & Clubs supplement. The text reads:
Savvy indie-rock fans have singled out SF-based internet station BAGeL Radio as their choice for the best noise pop without the crap. Friday's host (and site-launcher) Ted has garnered the most passionate accolades; one reader modestly gushed that he is "the best DJ in the entire world!!!!" Four exclamation points is high praise indeed. Whether on his webcasts, podcasts, or through the live shows he books throughout the Bay Area, Ted has attracted national awards and attention, but our readers can rightfully claim that they found him first.
Many thanks to everyone who voted for me! -Ted

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