Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Live365 Technical Difficulties/Party!

Apologies to those who made unsuccessful attempts to access BAGeL Radio between 4am and 10am Pacific Time today. Live365, the service that hosts the BAGeL Radio stream, had server and router problems. Those seem to be resolved now, although BAGeL Radio is not currently appearing in the iTunes Radio Tuner. A workaround for iTunes users:

1. Launch iTunes
2. Select Open Stream From Advanced menu
3. Paste this URL into the URL window:

4. Click OK

There will be a 45 second LIve365 ad, then the music will start. Add the resultant 'song' in iTunes to the playlist of your choice and use that to launch BAGeL Radio if this ever happens again. I'd also recommend adding the words 'BAGeL Radio' to the artist field of this new 'song' so that it is always easy to find by searching your libray by artist.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope that many of you will make it out to the BAGeL Radio 3rd Birthday Party tonight at Mezzanine. New free compilations will be available. Plus cupcakes. Plus Serene Lakes, The Ex-Boyfriends, and Birdmonster. This is going to be fun!

Don't take my word for it, check out the nice words of these kind folks:

Foghorn (twice!)

PS-users of other streaming media players -- including WinAmp, QuickTime, RealOne, PocketTunes (for your cell phone...seriously), XBox, your browser, and pretty much any other app that streams music -- can also copy and paste the URL in the iTunes workaround above to tune in. Other such information here.

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