Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Silversun Pickups @ Slim's 5/27/06

Brian & Nikki of Silversun Pickups

How to describe Silversun Pickups? Imagine The Pixies and Afghan Wigs, on stage together, doing their combined interpretation of Smashing Pumpkins' SIAMESE DREAM album. SSPU's debut EP, PIKUL, was one of BAGeL Radio's favorite records of 2005 (and included the BAGeL Radio song of 2005, "Kissing Families"), and their debut album, CARNAVAS (due out in July) is so strong the best track may we album-closer, "Common Reactor."

Their set would have been better had they played longer, but, alas, they were the opening act. Not for long, folks, not for long. The evening would have been far more enjoyable had we not been frisked by the Slim's door staff on the way in and if the price of a 12 oz. draught beer hadn't gone up to $5. Beer prices like that should be reserved for the ballpark.

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