Sunday, June 25, 2006

Radiohead @ The Greek Theatre 6/24/06

Radiohead (click the photo to see more)

Radiohead played two nights at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley. I went to the Saturday show with several people who were also there on Friday, all of whom agreed that the Saturday
show was vastly superior.

I have seen Radiohead about a half dozen times and this was one of the better ones, either #1 or #2. I was completely sober -- planned on psychedelics, but ended up being the driver. I can't
imagine anyone, even a stoned narcoleptic sloth on Valium, falling asleep during this show -- a reference to my friend Molly's new co-worker's report that the show was "boring enough to fall asleep."

Radiohead played about 7 songs I'd never heard before, I assume they were all new, and were all more rock-y, less glitch-y, than KID A-era Radiohead.

The first new one they played sounded a bit like The Doors. The next new one sounded a bit like Happy Mondays. The one after that sounded a bit like Happy Mondays covering The Doors. To me these are all good things. The last new song they played may finally replace "No
Surprises" as my all-time favorite Radiohead song if the recorded version is as good as what we were treated to in Berkeley.

PS-The Thom Yorke solo album, THE ERASER, is all beats and glitches and Autechre-y, which should keep KID A-era Radiohead fans happy.

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