Thursday, July 20, 2006

"480 Minutes" 7/21/06

Hello again, and welcome to a preview of the July 21st edition of "480 Minutes." The afternoon portion of the show will feature guest co-host Peter Arcuni, the singer for Birdmonster. Woo hoo! A guest host to help me pick out some of the 8 hours worth of music! Hopefully Peter will find some long-lost gems in the BAGeL Radio library that I have managed to skip over these past three years.

The contest for an iRiver Clix digital music player continues today.
The Clix is a 2 GB device for your music, videos, photos, and Flash games. It's tiny, easy-to-use, and feature-rich (including a built-in mic for voice recording). It is Windows-only, designed to work seamlessly with Windows Media Player 11 and media source, and that is does As I mentioned last week, this is not ad copy, this is written from my personal experience with a Clix.

To enter: record your own BAGeL Radio jingle (a 15-60 second song about BAGeL Radio), or your own listener station ID (i.e. "Hi, this is Lessa from Barcelona, Spain, my favorite band is the Pixies, and you are listening to BAGeL Radio") and send it to

Don't fret if you have no decent recording equipement, you can use a digital camera that records sound (in 'movie mode'). Another option, if your computer has a built-in microphone (many newer machines do), is to record and submit your entries via Odeo. It's really, really easy. Send as many recordings as you care to create, it's your chance to entertain me and possibly hear youself on the radio!

New music today will include Sonic Youth, Snow Patrol, Latvian Radio, The Campaign For Real Time, Gliss, Bears, The Grates, Telenovela Star, Girl Friday, Chords Are Dead, Carl Henry Brueggen, Slender Means, plus more songs from those new compilations we began exploring last week: "High School Reunion - A Tribute To Those Great 80s Films," "Monsieur Gainsbourg" (Serge Gainsbourg covers), and "Slaying Since 1996," the Suicide Squeeze Records 10 year-anniversary compilation.

"480 Minutes" starts at 9 a.m. Pacific Time and runs until 5 p.m. PT -- please tune in and request songs and stuff via:

Yahoo IM: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive
MSN Msgr:

Recent Gig Photos
(click photo for more):

Birdmonster @ Bottom of the Hill 7/15/06


Sf_Indie Summer Shingdig @ Thee Parkside 7/15/06

Palace Family Steak House

Society of Rockets


Helium Bar

Parker Street Cinema

Bay Are Gig eList of Upcoming Shows:
Album Leaf @ Cafe du Nord 7/22
*The Flaming Lips/ The Go! Team @ Greek Theatre 7/22
The Raconteurs @ Warfield 7/23
Os Mutantes @ Fillmore 7/24
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young @ Concord 7/25
*Dave Bazan (Pedro The Lion)/ Micah P. Hinson @ BoTH 7/27
*Irving/ Say Hi To Your Mom/ Dirty on Purpose/ Tartufi @ BoTH 7/28
Imperial Teen @ Cafe du Nord 7/29
Rademacher/ AM Magic/ Dazzling Strangers/ Bolex Rex @ Hotel Utah 7/29
Brightblack Morning Light @ Cafe du Nord 7/30
The Low Haunts/ Elephone/ Amateurs/ Best Friends @ BoTH 7/30
Make-Out Room Monday Matinee
Corey Allen Porter (Rico Bell/ Plain High Drifters) & Bob Reed (Oranger/ Overwhelming Colorfast) 7/13 (7:30 show)
The CA Homegrown Music Series featuring:
Morning Benders/ Bray/ Jason Debo @ Mezzanine 8/2

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