Thursday, July 13, 2006

BAGeL Radio Friday Live 7/14/06 = "480 Minutes"

Hello again, and welcome to a preview of this weeks edition of "480 Minutes" (the show formerly known as The BAGeL Radio Friday Live Broadcast)

Coolness: this week begins the contest for these awesome tiny Digital Music Players from iRiver -- the device is called Clix:

It's a 2 GIG media player for your music, videos, photos, and Flash games. It's tiny, easy-to-use, and feature-rich (including a built-in mic for voice recording). It is Windows-only, designed to work seamlessly with Windows Media Player 11 and media source, and that it does (this is not ad copy, by the way, this is written from my personal experience with a Clix).

The contest: record your own BAGeL Radio jingle, or your own listener station ID (i.e. "Hi, this is Tony from Idaho Falls, my favorite band is the Pixies, and you are listening to BAGeL Radio"). If you need help recording it, let me know, but get to it and submit something to, or if your computer has a built-in microphone (most Apple machines do), you can record and submit your entry via Odeo. Submit some entries, even -- send as many recordings as you care to create. Think of it as your chance to entertain me and your fellow BAGeL Radio listeners.

In other news, I finally made the BAGeL Radio MySpace match the site and blog, including adding Tune In Now buttons like this:

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Ideas for improving it further are most welcome.

New music today will include Mountain Goats, Paul Weller (live), Lady Sovereign, The Sky Drops (featuring Rob from Smashing Orange), French Kicks, White Whale, The Zero Points, Brisa Roché, Brian Posehn ("Metal By Numbers"), Jurassic 5, selections from a covers compilation of covers "High School Reunion - A Tribute To Those Great 80s Films" (including Frank Black doing "Repo Man," Kristin Hersh doing "Wave of Mutilation," and Dresden Dolls doing "Pretty In Pink"), songs from a compilation of Serge Gainsbourg covers (including The Rakes, Faultline, Jarvis Cocker, and Cat Power), White Whale, 1986, Leopold, French Kicks, Jucifer, and songs by a bunch of Suicide Squeeze Records artists to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Seattle label that has put out records by The Unicorns, Minus The Bear, Of Montreal, Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith,
The Constantines, and many others.

"480 Minutes" starts at 9 a.m. Pacific Time and runs until 5 p.m. PT -- please tune in and request songs and stuff via:

Yahoo IM: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive
MSN Msgr:

Recent Gig Photos
(click photo for more):
The Lilys/ Human Television/ LSD & The Search For God
Kurt of The Lilys

Billy of Human Television

LSD And The Search For God

Bay Area Gig eList -- upcoming shows
Foo Fighters: acoustic/ Timmy Curran @ Berkeley Community Theatre 7/13 & 14
From Monument To Masses @ Slim's 7/14
Danava/ Parchman Farm/ Snow Foxxes @ BoTH 7/14
*Birdmonster/ Triple Cobra/ Anaura @ BoTH 7/15
**Serene Lakes/ Palace Family Steakhouse/ Society of Rockets/ Skiffington/ Helium Bar @ Thee Parkside 7/15
Pearl Jam/ Sonic Youth @ B. Graham Civic 7/15, 16, & 18
The Rakes @ GAMH 7/16
Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) @ GAMH 7/17
Slayer/ Lamb Of God @ San Jose Pavilion 7/19
Camera Obscura @ GAMH 7/20
Album Leaf @ Cafe du Nord 7/22
*The Flaming Lips/ The Go! Team @ Greek Theatre 7/22
The Raconteurs @ Warfield 7/23
Os Mutantes @ Fillmore 7/24
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young @ Concord 7/25
*Dave Bazan (Pedro The Lion)/ Micah P. Hinson @ BoTH 7/27
Irving/ Say Hi To Your Mom/ Dirty on Purpose/ Tartufi @ BoTH 7/28

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