Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Friday Show Gets A Name

The BAGeL Radio Friday Live Broadcast will heretofore be known as "480 Minutes." The show is eight hours long. Yes, I know it's insane to do an 8-hour live radio show. I've been told this by many a radio veteran. The fact is the live show started off as a two hour show, expanded to three, was bullied into stretching to five (thanks, Tim), and reached it's current length on July 30th, 2004. The playlist generally lasts for ten hours, and once topped twelve.

"8 Hours" just sounds like 1/3 of a Keifer Sutherland television series, or a the rallying cry of a union leader (remember those?), don't you think? Anyway, there is still some internal debate about the name, so if you have any thoughts about it or suggestions, please share by sending an e-mail to Thank you.

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