Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Next Few Weeks (updated)

I will be traveling for the next few weeks so the live broadcast schedule after this Friday (10/13) is kinda up in the air until mid-November. One thing is for sure: Cory's Tuesday show will be on break until at least mid-November. As for my Friday show, "480 Minutes," if I am able to broadcast remotely, I will, but it probably won't be at the regular time, so check here on Thursdays for updates.

Specifically, my ability to broadcast the next two "480 Minutes" -- 10/20 and 10/27 -- is questionable. It is highly unlikely I will get to broadcast at all on 11/3 because I will be on a CMJ New Music Marathon panel about new media.

I will try to post here each Thursday to let you know if and when the Friday live show will be on. Hopefully I will be able to do remote broadcasts -- you know how much I love doing that! -- but I cannot guarantee anything.

Rest assured that the station will be broadcasting high quality programming the entire time I am away so please tune in. I am spending much of this week building several weeks worth of playlists to entertain you in my absence whether you are at home, at your office, in your cubicle, in your dorm room, in your car (you know who you are!), or at your favorite internet cafe. It will be the best indie rock noise pop and classic alternative rock, as usual.

Oh, and November is going to be chock full of extra live broadcasts featuring in-studio acoustic sessions including:

Thursday 11/9 -- The Heavenly States (after which they are playing full-on electric that night at The BAGeL Radio Presents... show at Club Six with Ex-Boyfriends and Icarus Falls)

Monday 11/13 -- Bon Savants from NY/Boston. They are playing that night at Elbo Room.

Friday 11/16 -- Elephone during "480 Minutes" the BAGeL Radio Friday live broadcast

Tuesday 11/28 -- Matt Lutz of The Herms (after which he is playing at that week's BAGeL Radio Presents... show at Club Six on 11/30 with [the] caseworker and Peloton)

Thank you for listening to the station, and for reading my babble.

Ted Leibowitz, BAGeL Radio
CMJ Specialty Music Director of the Year

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