Thursday, November 30, 2006

"480 Minutes" 12/1/06

Another excellent live session here at BAGeL Radio this week featured Matt Lutz of The Herms. Click here to hear one of the songs he performed live on the air on Tuesday. The interview part went well, too. I will try to post that, and earlier interviews, on the site once I can edit the files together. Have I mentioned that I need interns?

Check out the post below this one and vote for me as one of the Best DJs of the Bay by sending an e-mail to the good folks at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and please encourage friends and family and co-workers and your own personal aliases to do the same. Thanks.

Thanks for all of the responses to my request seeking interns (nice to meet you, Patrick!). As I reiterate this call, let me say upfront that this is NOT a paid position. BAGeL Radio is a labor of love, not a money-making venture (yet!). That said, anyone out there looking to intern? All I need is someone who: writes well, knows lots about indie rock noise pop, can manage a colossal music library, knows how to edit songs/interviews/live performances, knows how to perform voiceovers, can research and write band backgrounds, write ads, present a radio show, update a website, and edit, upload, and maintain a large photo library...and, of course: promote, promote, promote. I do not expect prospective interns to possess all of those skills in advance, but I am willing to train someone who is passionate about the music.

I am also recruiting DJs/presenters for weekly shows in 2007 -- if you are interested, put together a one-hour show (about 15 songs) with recorded breaks of you speaking about the songs/bands you are playing and send it to me. If you have any questions send me an e-mail to feedback @

Today's "480 Minutes" program will feature new material by Bryan Scary, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Chow Nasty, Frida Hyvönen, Graham Coxon (ex-Blur guitarist), The Little Ones, matt pond PA, The Mavs, Mickey Avalon, Minus The Bear, The Old-Fashioned Way, One For The Team, Punish Yourself, Softlights, Stephen Merritt (of Magnetic Fields), Swan Island, Voxtrot, and Yo La Tengo.

"480 Minutes" begins at 9 a.m. Pacific Time and runs until 5 p.m. PT. Please tune in and request songs and stuff via:

Yahoo IM: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive
MSN Msgr:

Thanks to Andrew of Icarus Falls for helping me out with [RockScene] at Club Six last night, and thanks to everyone who came out. I had a really great time. Last but not least, thanks to the amazing Matt Lutz, [the] caseworker, and Peloton for performances that made it one of those memorable nights for everyone who was there.

Make sure to tune in for "480 Minutes" on 12/15 for the annual top songs, albums, shows, and local songs of the year countdowns. I will try to keep the lists manageable this year.

Upcoming Bay Area Gigs of Interest:

The Dont's CD Release Party @ New Langdon Arts 12/9

*Darker My Love @ The Independent 12/13

*Dressy Bessy/ Bedroom Walls @ Slim's 12/14

**Birdmonster @ Bottom of the Hill 12/31/06 New Year's Eve!

Look for more [RockScene] showcases in February of 2007.

PS-Oh, yeah, and BAGeL Radio faves Silversun Pickups, whose debut EP featured the #1 song of 2005 here at BAGeL Radio, are on Letterman tonight. Seriously. Set your TIVOs.

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creature said...

Silverspun on Letterman was fantastic. Those kids are going to go a long way!