Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best DJs of the Bay

It's that time of year again: end-of-year top-ten lists, new year's resolution lists, holiday parties, holiday cheer, holiday depression, my birthday, meaningless hockey, Bill O'Reilly throwing red meat to the wingnuts, the last few weeks of decent tours passing through town, and here in San Francisco a bone-chilling cold even though the thermometer still reads 50. It's also awards time, and I ask you to please write to the San Francisco Bay Guardian with your vote for your favorite Bay Area DJs . The good folks at SFBG honored me last year. This year there is a separate category for internet/satellite radio DJ, so I'm hoping to get a few votes again this year.

E-mail your votes, including venue name, station call-letters or URL with your reasons for your choice, to (subject line: BEST DJS 2006). Hint: Ted Leibowitz, BAGeL Radio, If you do vote for me, please cc: on your e-mail votes...I'd love to read the feedback.


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