Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stream Up, Server Down

Apologies for the missing images on this page, the lack of access to the main BAGeL Radio site, and the bouncing of e-mails sent to the domain. Server difficulties are the cause, and I understand that repairs are underway.

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone (except for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, their ilk, and their 4 remaining supporters) a Happy Thanksgiving -- BAGeL Radio will continue streaming all weekend long as usual, but there will be no "480 Minutes" program this Friday due to the holiday.

Tune in next week for two special live broadcasts: on Monday (11/27) featuring an in-studio acoustic performance by Elephone at 1pm Pacific Time, and another on Tueday (11/28) featuring an in-studio acoustic performance by Matt Lutz of The Herms, also at 1pm Pacific Time.

"480 Minutes" will return on Friday, 12/1/06.

Gobble gobble.

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