Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey Left Hand, What's Right Hand Up To?

The RIAA (representing mainly the major labels) would have you believe that it has pushed impossibly high copyright royalty rates onto internet radio (fees that terrestrial radio does not pay) because artists get little promotional benefit from internet radio play. Looks like the major label finance and legal departments really ought to talk to their promotions departments:

Monday's mailbag (above)...those all contain at least one CD that someone
thinks will gain promotional benefit from airplay on BAGeL Radio.

Click the Save Internet Radio button to find out how you can help save the new, vibrant, creative medium of internet radio from the bastards who colluded to charge us all $16 for CDs for decades.


Sam said...

Well why don't you start with selling me Rolling Stones or related promo CD you get in from the record labels.
Being a promo only collector these CDs are very interesting to me.
Should it be possible you can reach me at

Best regards,


Ted said...

Two reasons, Sam: first, since these CDs are promos they not only don't make the artists any money, they actually cost the artists money (the labels pay for promos upfront, however these costs are recouped out of profits from sales so it is the artists who pay for these). That's a double whammy -- the artist you love paid for something that you bought, and the end result is you no longer have to go out and buy something they get paid for!

Second: it's not legal.

Even though a music collector like yourself would end up benefiting, such sales would not benefit the artists we are trying to promote/support and could theoretically get me in some hot water.

Thanks for the comment!