Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Internet Radio Threat In NY Times

From the New York Times:

Many involved in Internet radio contend that the Copyright Royalty Board members do not understand the technology. At one point in the proceedings, according to the transcript, one member asked if the term “albums” could refer to CDs as well as vinyl records.

Internet radio operators also say it would not be in the interest of labels to stifle a business that is paying them fees to use their music, especially at a time of declining CD sales.

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Timcanhear said...

On the surface it sounds like the Copyright Royalty Board is in ca-hoots with the major labels to squeeze more from online stations to offset their declining sales.
This backward approach is another approach from an industry of "business"? men who can't see beyond their declining sales.
There are many ways to compensate artists for their work through royalties and lessen the costs to web owners.
One such suggestion might be a scale determined by the popularity of the song in sales vs amount of webplay. New artists who are just scraping the edges of internet airplay would receive less (if they sell less) and the webowners pay less for those artists. Much less! Capitalism, supply and demand.
Let's be real, most of internet radio music is from independent artists, outside the major label
playing field. They want their music to be heard, they want to be paid for it in most cases but they don't want the head of the webplay companies cut off short where they don't have a chance at
commercial, terrestrial radio.
Well listen, it's an idea and it comes with all kinds of implications which I won't go into here. Let's think about ways to make it work. Clearly the majors are trying to destroy independent commercialism in thier own interests.

Tim Hurst
Adrenaline Music Group