Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BAGeL Radio in the New York Times...

...photo and all!

Big Radio Makes a Grab for Internet Listeners
Published: June 12, 2007

photo by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times
Ted Leibowitz, owner and D.J. of BAGeL Radio, an indie-rock Web station he runs from a spare room in his apartment in San Francisco.
Broadcasters of various sizes have been rallying support in Congress to supersede the panel’s decision. “If [the Copyright Royalty Board rate hike] stands, then we’re all done for,” said Ted Leibowitz, a software engineer and founder of BAGeL Radio (bagelradio.com), an online service specializing in indie rock that he runs from a bedroom in his San Francisco apartment. For listeners, he said, the loss of potential choices would be akin to what satellite TV subscribers would face if their satellite crashed. “What people will be offered will be one one-thousandth of what they’re offered today,” he said.
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