Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interviews From Macworld

Yesterday we got to broadcast live from the Macworld Expo. It was fun, but sadly we chose the wrong microphones and that made it difficult to hear the interviews over the air. They recorded OK, though, so you can listen to them here:

Richard Esguerra, digital rights activist from The Electronic Frontier Foundation (, talking about our digital rights in particular and our privacy rights in general in out increasingly digitized world.

Brian Rothschild, Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (, talking about the education through arts and technology mission of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Brooke Wentz, founder of The Rights Workshop (, talking about how her company helps independent and student filmmakers license music for their projects.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 1p.m. we will be talking live with Steven Haines, the Executive Director of the Stern Grove Festival about Stern Grove's contribution of free live music and arts to the San Francisco Bay Area.

On Friday, during "480 Minutes," we will have Craig Abaya, Director of the Digital Media & Entertainment Programs at the San Francisco State University College Extended Learning, talking about the programs he runs and the partnerships he is involved with.

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