Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All The Lonely People...

...where do they all come from? Apparently from a city hospital in Liverpool.

After years of saying the title character of the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" was entirely ficticious, Paul McCartney's office may have revealed the truth behind the name.

According to the UK newspaper The Independent, a teacher of special needs children who taught an autistic boy to play "Yellow Submarine" on the piano wrote to McCartney to tell him that his song helped bring the child out of his limited world. In her letter she also asked for a half million pound ($800,000) donation for a facility for teaching music to children with learning difficulties and other disabilities. What she claims she got from McCartney's office was the document above, a page from a 1911 account log showing payments to hospital employees including a scullery (kitchen) maid by the name of E. Rigby.

At auction, the document may fetch the half million pounds the teacher was hoping for, despite McCartney's continued insistence that the Eleanor Rigby he wrote about was not based on a real person.

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