Friday, October 29, 2010

"480 Minutes" - World Series Edition

The San Francisco Giants, a baseball team that was picked by absolutely no one not even their mothers to do anything of consequence in 2010 has made it to the World Series. No one thought they had a chance to make the playoffs, let alone beat the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies in the playoffs to become National League Champions. Now the team finds itself ahead two games to none after throttling the American League Champion Texas Rangers 11-7 and 9-0 in Games 1 & 2 this week in San Francisco. Did I mention that I was at both games? I was at both games, working, selling merch for Major League Baseball. I'm not Giants fan (although my father's father was a fan of the team when it still played in New York, and said paternal grandfather is likely responsible for my obsession with the sport, so maybe it's in my blood) yet I have gotten all swept up in the emotion at the ballpark this week. I had been referring to this less-than-sexy matchup as "The World Series No One Wanted To See," and apparently The Wall Street Journal suggested that PBS might have better ratings. Shows what we know! Here are a few photos and a video I shot with my phone at the ballpark.

Following a most excellent week in New York at CMJ 2010 (photos here, more to follow), I've been back in San Francisco for about 52 hours now, 28 of which were spent at AT& T Park, which is why I haven't finished editing and uploading my CMJ photos. Thusfar posted are gig photos of Greg Dulli, The Drums, Boom Boom Satellites, Sky Larkin, PVT, and The Phantom Band.

Next week is the November Rumble featuring live sets from Burnt Ones/ UME/ LSD And The Search For God. RSVP here for free admission. Hope to see you there.

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Today's show includes new music by Avey Tare (of Animal Collective) (Brooklyn, NY), Cheap Time (Nashville, TN), Crayon Fields (Melbourne, Australia), Gospel Claws (Phoenix, AZ), The Hundred In The Hands (New York, NY), Jail Weddings (Los Angeles, CA), Kelley Stoltz (San Francisco, CA), Mermaids (Atlanta, GA), Oars (Brooklyn, NY), Pomegranates (Cincinnati, OH), Robyn (Stockholm, Sweden), Salteens (Vancouver, Canada), Sufjan Stevens (Chicago, IL), System And Station (Portland, OR), Young Man (Chicago, IL), Young The Giant (Los Angeles, CA).

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