Sunday, December 09, 2012

And...We're Back.

After several days of running off of bare drives on desktops held together with duct tape and crossed fingers, I am thrilled to announced that BAGeL Radio is whole again.  These technical difficulties had nothing to do with the issues we ran into during the first few hours of 480 Minutes last week, each were completely separate and different, as were the ones that removed the station from the SomaFM apps -- as of right this moment it seems that all of those issues are in the rearview mirror.

Also, the SomaFM stream of the station has now been re-branded from 480 Minutes to BAGeL Radio, so when looking for us on the SomaFM site, mobile apps, or desktop apps, make sure you search for BAGeL Radio.

Sigh.  What a relief!

I feel so much better now!

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