Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BAGeL Radio Airplay/ CMJ Charts

for the week ending 1/11/13

Top 30 Airplay
Rank     ARTIST    Recording Label

1 BABIES   Our House On The Hill    Woodsist
2 CLINIC    Free Reign    Domino
3 TYVEK   On Triple Beams    In The Red
5 CRYSTAL CASTLES   III    Universal
6 TOY Toy   coop
7 UV RACE Racism    In The Red
8 WILD YAKS   Million Years    Ernest Jenning
9 CALVIN LOVE   New Radar Autumn Tone
10 NOUS NON PLUS Le Sexe Et La Politique    Terrible Kids
11 TONO AND THE FINANCE COMPANY   Up Here For Dancing   Self-Released
12 KGB LAWYER    Songs Of Paranoia And Contentment    Self-Released
13 WOODS  Bend Beyond   Woodsist
14 PRETTY AND NICE    Us You All We Self-Released
15 HOOT HOOTS    Feel The Cosmos Hoot House
16 EVENS    The Odds  Dischord
17 VOLTAIRE TWINS Apollo [EP] Walk This Way
18 WONKY DOLL AND THE ECHO    Pleasant Thoughts    Geheimnis Records
19 ED SEDGWICK    We Wear White Dischord
20 WAZU       Robobo     Self-Released
21 JAN  Jan    Enclaves
22 PRINCE RAMA   Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World    Paw Tracks
23 SCOTT AND CHARLENE'S WEDDING    Para Vista Social Club      Critical Heights
24 THE COUP   Sorry To Bother You Anti
25 GOSPEL CLAWS   Put Your Sunshine Away Common Wall
26 TRASHED ROMEOS    Where Dreamers Never Go    Trashy Creatures
27 TIGER HIGH  Catacombs After Party Burger-Trashy Creatures
28 GUIDED BY VOICES   The Bears For Lunch    GBV Inc.
29 THE HIDEOUT    Tone Dress Self-Released
30 EX-CULT Ex-Cult    Goner

Radio 200 Adds (new releases added to rotation)
Rank ARTIST Recording Label

1 BLEEDING RAINBOW Yeah Right Kanine
2 PARQUET COURTS    Light Up Gold  What's Your Rupture
3 PERE UBU Lady From Shanghai Fire
4 PETER PETER    Une Version Amelioree De La Tristesse  Audiogram
5 KATE NASH  Death Proof [EP]    Have 10p

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