Friday, June 28, 2013

"480 Minutes" - The Pennsylvania & Geometry Edition

Hello and happy Friday, folks.

Did everyone notice the U.S. Supreme Court took a great big Confederate dump on our cultural evolution on Tuesday and then covered it over with a rainbow-colored flag on Wednesday? It was a half-great week for the causes of freedom, equality, and fairness!

It's Gay Pride weekend here in San Francisco, and this isn't any old SF Pride -- it's the Pride that's happening the same week DOMA was repealed, paving the way for same-sex marriage.  It's Pride on steroids.

By the way, next Friday will feature a rerun of a previously broadcast edition of 480 Minutes.  Besides next weekend being a holiday weekend (U.S. Independence Day is July 4th), I have a wedding to attend, hence no new show.  Friday July 5th will be the first rerun of 2013.  In fact, the first since November 13, 2012.  That's 30 consecutive weeks of new editions of 480 Minutes!  That's got to be some kind of record!

Today's edition of 480 Minutes will see the debut of new songs by The Almighty Rhombus (Sudbury, Canada),   Bear Ceuse (New York, NY), Brian Irving (New York, NY), Daughn Gibson (Carlisle, PA), Elusive Parallelograms (Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL), Light Heat (Philadelphia, PA), Pedaljets (Lawrence, KS), Pixies (Boston, MA), Sisu (Los Angeles, CA), Spider Bags (Chapel Hill, NC), and Wise Blood (Pittsburgh, PA).

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Hearing from you makes Scalia a scintilla more tolerable.

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