Friday, December 27, 2013

"480 Minutes" - planned Rerun

Last week BAGeL Radio's 480 Minutes program consisted of the top 200 BAGeL Radio songs of 2013, including presenting the top 50 song countdown.  This weekend's edition will be reruns of the best-of shows from each of the previous five years, beginning Friday at 9 a.m. with the 2012 edition and going back in time to 2008 by Saturday night.

If you just discovered BAGeL Radio in 2013 and want to check out what we ranked as the top songs in the years prior, this would be a good weekend to tune into BAGeL Radio!

If you've been a listener for a few years, here's a chance for a refresher course.  These shows are always fun to host, so I hope that you enjoy them.

Dear listeners who will be in the Bay Area on 1/31 --   the 11th BAGeL Radio Birthday is happening on Friday, January 31st @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.  Please RSVP on the Facebook event page, at do415, and most importantly buy tickets here!
SomaFM Presents... 
The 11th BAGeL Radio Birthday Bash!
The Lower 48 
City Light 
Friday January 31st, 2014
at Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th Street, SF
Tickets are only 10 bucks!


We'll be back in the New Year (Friday 1/3/14 to be precise) with an all-new episode of 480 Minutes.  Until then, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and yours.

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