Friday, January 03, 2014

David Brooks Inadvertently Argues For Legal Marijuana

Ron Sachs/CNP via Getty
OK, so you have to read yesterday's David Brooks op-ed in the NY Times "Weed: Been There. Done That." decrying marijuana legalization.  While reading please replace the words "weed" and "pot" with "alcohol," and the words "high" and "stoned" with "drunk," and you'll get a sense of what a total douchebag Brooks is. Then read the rebuttal, "I Smoked Pot With David Brooks," written and published today by an old friend of Brooks' referenced in the Op-Ed. It is genius I tell you. GENIUS.  Besides exposing Brooks as a self-righteous gasbag it lays out just how weak and nonsensical the arguments against marijuana legalization really are.

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