Friday, November 13, 2015

"480 Minutes" - Dilly Dally Play NYC 11/14 & 11/16

Mid-November approaches, the leaves fall, the sky goes dark before the whistle blows, and it dawns on me that it's nearly time to take my annual break from sifting through hundreds of new songs each week.  That break has traditionally included not listening to anything but The Beatles for at least a week in an attempt to cleanse the palette and re-set expectations ahead of going back through everything new from 2015 to figure out how to rank it all.  Once those year-end lists of the top music of 2015 are compiled they are presented in our year-end best-of show.  This year that show will air live on Friday, 12/18. Mark your calendars!

Times change: I used to recommend that listeners take notes so they can give the gift of music to loved ones, but now I'll just recommend that you tune in and add your favorites to your music subscription service playlists.

In the meantime we found a few more new records worthy of your attention this week, so today's all-new 480 Minutes show will feature new music by The Black Ships (Saratoga Springs, NY, @TheBlackShips), The Black Watch (Los Angeles, CA), Kelley Stoltz (San Francisco, CA), Philosophical Zombie (Boston, MA, @philoszombie), and Warm Brains (London, England, @WarmBrains).

There might be a Dilly Dally song or two as well, as they are playing twice in the next three days here in NYC: tomorrow night (Saturday 11/14) at Baby's All Right and Monday night (11/16) at The Mercury Lounge.  I will be at the former and will try to make the latter, 'league night' permitting.

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