Friday, January 29, 2016

"480 Minutes" - Januweary (of Death and debates)

Lemmy, Brad Bradbury (Specials), Bowie, Glen Frey (Eagles), Abe Vigoda, and now Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane), all dead in the past 4 weeks.  If I was a rocker in my 60s or 70s I'd be saying aloud everything I've been meaning to say right about now.  Except for Keith Richards, because he's going to outlive us all.  And Ted Nugent, because he should just shut the fuck up.

Did I just say that out loud?  Oops!  After watching bits of the Republican debate (including watching Con Man Cruz and Religious Rubio speak out of both sides of their mouths (thanks to video supplied by FOX during questions!) without collapsing in a pool of shame tears, I guess my filters are a little leaky at the moment.

When even FOX News can't squeeze a mea culpa out of you, you know the concept of a mea culpa amongst Republicans has gone out the window and into the Flint River.

Anyway...guess what?!?  We've got a ton of new music for you today!  Let's have some fun!

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The show will include new tunes by Burnt Palms (Seaside, CA, @burntpalms), Daughter (North London, England, @ohdaughter), Eleanor Friedberger (New York, NY, @EleanorOnly), Nap Eyes (Halifax, NS, Canada, @napeyes), Old Man Canyon (Vancouver, Canada, @OldManCanyon), Quilt (Boston, MA, @quiltmusic), Savages (London, England, @savagesband), Ty Segal (San Francisco, CA, @tysegall), plus a handful of songs from a new Bowie tribute album including covers by Heartless Bastards (Cincinnati, OH, @heartlessbastards), Icky Blossoms (Omaha, NE, @ickyblossoms, and The KVB (London, England, @TheKVB).

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