Friday, February 05, 2016

"480 Minutes" - Primary Season Is Too Long

Lyric of the week: "“I believe in underachieving as a systematic tactic to preserve your freedom.” -Bent Shapes, "Realization Hits"

And now for something completely different...sometimes bands with backstories make them more interesting.  Sometimes they get overshadowed by the backstory.  I think DIIV have hit that sweet spot with their second album, Is The Is Are.   Sure they steal rhythms and textures and poses from the Cure, styles from Sonic Youth, and lots of tricks from shoegazer bands, but when they get it right...well, you'll hear.

We've got a ton of new music for you today including the new Fat White Family record.  Expectations were sky high, and the album is not nearly as good as we'd hoped, but it's still better than most of the rest of the records submitted thus far in 2016.

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The show will include new tunes by Bent Shapes (Boston, MA, @BentShapes), DIIV (Brooklyn, NY, @DIIV), C Duncan (Glasgow, Scotland, @mrchrisduncan), Fat White Family (London, England, @fatwhitefamily), Field Music (Sunderland, England, @fieldmusicmusic), Hinds (Madrid, Spain, @hindsband), and Wild Nothing (Blacksburg, VA, @WildNothing).

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