Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fuzzy Road #103 - Cloudy With A Chance of Fuzz

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Today your  Fuzzy Road host will be cloudy with a chance of fuzz after a late night last night.  It's the playoffs in the PinballNYC league and my team had some celebrating to do after winning our match to advance to the finals.  As a fellow once called Cougar once said: hurts so good.  Call it method acting, or call it being dumb like wood, either way you will hear the ramblings of a damaged host in need of repair.

Please tune in for the Fuzzy Road radio show today beginning just before 3pm for a couple of hours of garage and psych rock, with some shoegaze and power pop sprinkled in from time to time, including songs from 1966 and 2016.

Our weekly garage and psych rock spotlight is live-hosted award-winning commercial-free radio.  Join us at 2:50pm Eastern U.S. Time.

Today's Fuzzy Road radio show will feature songs by The Count Five, The Black Angels, The Aerovons, Mikal Cronin, The Electric Prunes (pictured), and more.

The Electric Prunes
The Fuzzy Road radio show is live-hosted on Tuesday afternoons, with re-broadcasts beginning at 10:50 p.m. Tuesday and 4:50 a.m. Wednesday -- Fuzzy #103 - Cloudy With A Chance of Fuzz.

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