Friday, October 28, 2016

480 Minutes - Halloween Weekend

I don't think we're going to do much for Halloween during the show today, but we may.  Historically a big fan of Halloween, I'm just not feeling it this year.  At least not as of this writing.

The descent into a windy, wet autumn here in NYC is well underway: wet leaves tracked through the front door, the drop in temperature, the sudden need for a blanket (where did I put that thing?!?), the wet dog smell in the car (even if one doesn't have a dog)...and then winter to follow.  It's no wonder people get S.A.D.

I am sad right now because I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway dodging and lying for almost an hour.  This is sorta what the whole hour was like:
Talking Head: "Why does Donald Trump have his clothing line made in other countries?" 
Conway: "Let me tell you, Hillary Clinton uses one-ply toilet paper, why aren't you reporting on that?"
Talking Head: "But I'm asking you about your candidate and his clothing line." 
Conway: "Well you know Bill Clinton, he uses no-ply toilet paper.  It's true.  I read it on Breitbart.  Where's your story on that?!?"  
One thing I can tell you for sure -- new music will be debuting on 480 Minutes today by Axis: Sova (Chicago, IL, @AxisSova), Ex-Cult (Memphis, TN), Hooton Tennis Club (Liverpool, England, @HootonTennisClb), Muuy Biien (Athens, GA, @muuybiien), and Sonic Avenues (Montreal, Canada, @SonicAvenues).

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