Friday, October 21, 2016

480 Minutes - That Time On National Television When The Audience Audibly Laughed At, Not With, The Republican Candidate For President

We had a couple of 80F degree days here in NYC this week.  Indian Summer?  Perhaps.  Personally I think it was actually an Obama-orchestrated conspiracy to keep us from watching the third debate. Because he loves us.  I read it at Breitbart.  Or was it Newsbusters?  InfoWars?  Hard to remember, those sites get me all in a lather.

On the flip-side, we are very happy to report that this week was much better for submissions than recent weeks, so a large amount of new music will debuting on 480 Minutes today including music by Cosmonauts (Fullerton, CA, @__cosmonauts__),  Crocodiles (Brooklyn via San Diego, @killcrocodiles),  La Femme (Paris, France, @LaFemmeRessort), Franz Ferdinand (@Franz_Ferdinand, song contains the words "those pussy grabbing fingers"), Jagwar Ma (Sydney, Australia, @JagwarMa), Lewis Del Mar (Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY, @LewisDelMar), Purling Hiss (Philadelphia, PA, @PurlingHiss), and The Radio Dept. (Stockholm, Sweden, @theradiodept).

Today's all-new, live-hosted 480 Minutes episode begins at 9 a.m. Eastern U.S. Time.

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