Friday, February 17, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Backpfeifengesicht (S. Miller)

There were a ton of new submissions this week and we hated most of them.  Yes, hated.

As I've mentioned when this has happened in the past we may need to revisit some of the records (which are now in limbo in the "maybe" pile) next week because maybe all of the hate was a mood-thing.  I was in the mood for angry aggressive kick out the jams-type jams.  If someone handed me the worst punk rock record ever made that hinted at even a modicum of believable anger I'd be playing it for you today.  (The Hot Topic faux punk rock of the 90s and early 2000s certainly does not do the trick and, when it comes back into vogue, will send me into hiding.)  Alas, many of the submissions now in the Absolutely Fucking Not pile were Killers-sound-alikes (who themselves were a scan of a photocopy of a carbon copy that we never liked them, either), lightweight genre-blending 80s pop the likes of which sounded weak to me as a pre-teen, and music by kids who had this misfortune of growing up thinking Matchbox 20 and 311 made sounds to emulate.

Today the award-winning 480 Minutes show today will contain new songs by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! (Philadelphia, PA, @cyhsyband), The Luyas (Montreal, Canada, @theluyas), Novella (London, England, @novella_novella), Rogue Wave (Oakland, CA, @roguewaveband), and Tim Darcy (Montreal, Canada, @tim_darcy).

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480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 7

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