Friday, March 24, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Dilution Of Trust

And...we're back! Following an ultimately necessary week off (the meeting which caused the rerun was canceled at the last minute) we're back with a stack of new submissions so high it nearly blocks out the sun.  Many of them are really good (Spoon, Las Rosas, The Magnetic Fields) and I look forward to sharing them with you.  Others, probably wasn't for a lack of effort, but some of these made it tough to give even that basic benefit of the doubt.  There were a couple of things this week that were so bad that I thought, "Damn, who sent me this piece of shit?!"  For the foreseeable future everything else that particular radio promo company sends me (yes,  both incomprehensibly bad releases came from the same once-reliable source) will get both an initial sideways glance and sniff.  Don't you hate it when trust becomes diluted?

Today the award-winning 480 Minutes show today will contain new songs by The Besnard Lakes (Montreal, Canada, @besnardlakes), Coco Hames (Nashville, TN, @cococommotion), Damaged Bug (SF/LA), Guided By Voices (Dayton, OH, @GBVtweets), Las Rosas (Brooklyn, NY, @lasrosasbrooklyn), The Magnetic Fields (New York, NY, @TheMagFields), No Vacation (San Francisco, CA, @novacationband), Real Estate (Ridgewood, New Jersey, @realestateband), The Shins (Portland, OR, @TheShins), Sneaks (Washington D.C., @eva_on_earth), and Spoon (Austin, TX, @spoontheband).
Lyric of the Week:

I wish I had something better to do/But even my own clothes remind me of you.

-The Magnetic Fields, '05 Never Again
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480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 11

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