Friday, March 31, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Use A VPN

This is a public service announcement (without guitars): It's hard to put this on a scale with undoing environmental protection laws, denying climate science, downgrading diplomacy, undermining the judiciary, undermining the legitimate free press, and pulling the plug on public education, but with this whole "ISPs can sell your data" thing, congress has royally fucked up again.  As a result, you really need to start using a VPN, for all of your online activity.

The GOP need to sneer at positive government policies and say, "Anything you can do, we can undo, better" is strong, I get that, but that's not the case here.  I don't think those who voted "yes" to allow ISPs to sell our personal online lives actually understand the implications.  What it means for just about everyone online (including themselves, their children, their parents, their spouses, their mistresses, their misters, their fellow sheep-shagging enthusiasts, and anyone who has anything worth saying) is we can pretty much all now be blackmailed, silenced, shamed, and possibly even jailed based on digital records of our most private thoughts and activities, on sale now at an ISP near you.

Due to severe Obama Derangement Syndrome it's going to take very drastic measures to make the Republicans (and yes, this passed both houses without a single non-R vote) see, understand, and correct this grave mistake.  Fortunately, one man is on the case, raising money to purchase the now-purchasable online lives of these people who took the money and ran, damn their constituents, damn their loved ones, while another has promised to do the same himself sans crowd-funding.  Outing the proclivities of a few of the paid-for puppets responsible (and I'd include the top management of the ISPs with the yes-voting "representatives") might be the only way to get them to undo this incredible damage before it's too late and everyone who has something to say is shamed, silenced, and possibly even jailed by tidbits gleaned from their pierced privacy.

To protect yourself you really need to start using a VPN on your phone, tablet, and computer.  There are several good articles floating around about this, I'll recommend this one for beginner to intermediate-level internet users:

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