Friday, May 19, 2017

"480 Minutes" - Discovery

This is a public service announcement (without guitars): there is a new Star Trek series coming out called Discovery.  The name gives gives awesome pre-release fodder to the haters who gonna hate. Previously we had TOS (The Original Series), TNG (The Next Generation), DS9 (Deep Space Nine), now we have STD (Star Trek Discovery). Most unfortunate.  Piling on the unfortunate, CBS has decided to show only the first episode over the airwaves. the rest are going to be streamed on CBS Interactive (or whatever the hell they are calling their subscription service). They are either completely clueles, or their marketing team is already shrewdly at work on the copy for episode #3 -- “Star Trek Discovery: the most pirated series in the history of television!”

This is a public service announcement (without guitars) part 2: the fake news administration is trying to install Joe Lieberman as FBI Director. Lieberman works for Kasowitiz Benson and Torres (formerly Kasowitiz Benson Torres and *Friedman).  Kasowitz is Trump's lawyer.  *Friedman has already been installed as U.S. Ambassador to Israel.  Perhaps one motto for this administration is, "if it wasn't for conflicts of interest we'd have no interest at all."

This is a public service announcement (with guitars): Today the award-winning 480 Minutes show today will contain new songs by Adult Mom (Purchase, NY, @adultmomband), High Sunn (Sn Francisco, CA, @highsunn), Little Cub (London, England, @LittleCubband), Perfume Genius (Seattle, WA, @perfumegenius), Pokey LaFarge (St. Louis, MO, @pokeylafarge), and WAVVES (San Diego, CA, @wavves).

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Lyric of the Week:

 “What you think?/I don’t remember asking.” -Perfume Genius, "Go Ahead"


480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 19

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