Friday, June 08, 2018

480 Minutes - I Don't Need To Prepare For This Show

Groggy and sleep-deprived, I watched Fox News for an hour yesterday and, for a brief moment,  thought #FatNixon was doing a good job. The propaganda arm of the Republican Party is really, really good at what it does. I noticed that their persecuted orange hero had used his pardon power to commute the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a victim of the failed drug war and thought, "Wow. That was a downright decent thing to do." I mean, sure, it wasn't his idea, a celebrity requested that he help the victim, so of course he did it, but still. Then it dawned on me how this out-of-character one-off move was the exact opposite of what the administration is doing on a grand scale -- his retro Attorney General/pin cushion is gleefully ramping up the creation of ever more victims of the failed draconian drug war, harshly prosecuting low-level drug offenders, even those using a substance that is legally recognized as medicinal in 29 states (and growing, pun intended). That started kicking my critical thinking abilities back in. Then #TheStableGenius said something about not needing to prepare for his meeting about nuclear weapons with North Korea and I thought, "Wait. The guy who doesn't know the words to 'God Bless America,' and didn't know how complicated healthcare was doesn't think he needs to brush up on stuff ahead of an historic summit? That can't be right!" Then #The Dotard fully Tweeted me out of my stupor fully with this claim that #TrumpCare wouldn't hurt people with pre-existing conditions. Not even the vacuous groveling brown-noses at Fox And Friends believe that lie, so...I'm back: ashamed of my government, ashamed for the idiots who put a soulless malicious racist narcissistic clown with fascistic tendencies in the White House, and more than a little angry at all the sycophants who know better but continue to enable that clown.

Temporarily saving me from those disturbing thoughts is new music. Sweet music. Music fills the air.

Today's BAGeL Radio debuts will include new music today from Body Type (Sydney, Australia, @bodytypeband), Drahla (Leeds, England), Fascinator (NYC via Melbourne, Australia, @LordFascinator), Los Blancos (Carmarthen, Wales, @blancoslos502), and Melody's Echo Chamber (Paris, France, @melodyprochet).

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Tune in!

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480 Minutes / Year 14 - Episode 22 / Episode #604 overall

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