Friday, July 27, 2018

480 Minutes - Live Music A-Go-Go

This week a former Trump Press Secretary attempted to cash in for his wonderful job of feeding Americans alternative facts by publishing a book, a book apparently filled with type-os, inaccuracies, and high praise for a Republican who was booted from office in disgrace for exchanging sexual messages with teen pages.

Current Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders this week suggested that the *President was looking into revoking security clearances of his critics because some may have "monetized" their public service. Her boss owns a country club in Florida and multiple golf courses which he promotes regularly, not to mention a luxury hotel in Washington D.C. that openly solicits business from foreign governments. Is it a total lack of self-awareness, or simply an example of "the law is to restrict what you do, silly, not us?"

In other insanity that barely gets noticed due to the sheer volume of insanity, on Tuesday the *President tweeted, "Tariffs are the greatest!" then on Wednesday he tweeted, "We...are all believers in no tariffs."  The

If someone can explain these tandem tweets to me without relying on the ludicrous notion that he's a great businessman and deal-maker (New Yorkers have known better for decades), I'd love to hear it.

Today's BAGeL Radio debuts will include new music today from Animal Electricity (Denver, CO), Clearance (Chicago, IL, @clearancetunes), Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia, @deafwishlegacy), Echo Courts (Raleigh, NC, @echocourtsmusic), Massage (Los Angeles, CA), Ty Segall and White Fence (Los Angeles, CA).

You may also hear a bunch more Camp Cope songs today because we got to see said Melbourne band  at the Bowery Ballroom last week and during the first song my thought was, "Holy shit!" in the best possible way, and that level of astonishment was maintained throughout. I was even grinning on the subway ride home.

It's been live music a-go-go around here of late. Besides Camp Cope this week we also got to see Arctic Monkeys in an outdoor arena, David Johansen in an overcrowded East Village basement death trap, and tomorrow (Saturday 7/28/18) we're seeing Shannon and the Clams at Rough Trade, all of which kinda makes the unbearable heat and humidity bearable.

Camp Cope @ The Bowery Ballrom
Arctic Monkeys @ Forest Hills Stadium
a slipmat
David Johansen @ Berlin

The show is live-hosted from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. (probably more like 4 p.m. today) Eastern U.S. Time and is followed by 2 hours of uninterrupted music.  The show is then rebroadcast in it's entirety beginning at 7 p.m., then again on Saturday at 5 a.m. and 3 p.m., and one final time on Sunday at 1 a.m., followed by a rebroadcast of this week's Fuzzy Road radio show at 11 a.m. and then a couple of old 480 Minutes episodes from this week in past years, making for hosted shows all weekend long.

Tune in!

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480 Minutes / Year 14 - Episode 29 / Episode #611 overall

*President supported by a small and increasingly smaller percentage of Americans. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but methinks the baby caging, Helskini debacle, and now needing to bail out a prideful segment of the population with welfare due to a mess of his own making is finally starting to take a toll on his popularity even among the deplorables.

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