Friday, July 13, 2018

480 Minutes - Sometimes Republicans Giveth

Yesterday was an incredible day of the Sacred Amendment party open carrying it's guns and shooting itself in the foot. Repeatedly. On live television. Angry, bullying Republicans trying to make an FBI counterintelligence officer look bad, and they failed miserably, repeatedly. Even Fox admitted as much.

By holding this sham hearing these goons let the Democrats repeat many, many nasty things about the *President of the United States of America...said by his fellow Republicans! They allowed Democrats to clearly spell out the narrative that Trump wants suppressed. Regardless of what individual members of the FBI thought, ultimately the FBI damaged the Clinton campaign by improperly publicizing their e-mail server investigation while not disclosing that they were also investigating Trump. Net result: FBI actions were extremely pro-Trump. Trump wants his base to believe that the FBI is biased against him, but as his troops tried to make their case they reminded everyone that the FBI helped Trump and hurt his opponent. Oopsie!

Goodlatte and Gowdy were owned over and over again by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and by FBI Agent Peter Strzok himself. Throughout, Strzok was the one who seemed to be in control despite hours of being badgered, threatened, having his words misrepresented and taken out of context, and having his credibility questioned -- despite being under oath.

When a Rep. Paul Gosar suggested that he could tell Strzok was biased because, as a dentist, he could read body language, it seemed the whole affair had reached peak stupidity, but that was before Rep. Louie Gohmert was given the spotlight. On live TV. Pretty much any time Gohmert speaks he detracts from the sum total of human intelligence, and yesterday was just another one of those days. Gohmert questioned Strzok's credibility (the man was being questioned under oath!) based on his marital infidelity. It's almost as if Laughingstock Louie forgot that the guy they were all selling their souls to protect is a proud serial philanderer. Poor Louie lost sight of the fact that the GowdyLatte Show wasn't actually about Strzok, but about shielding the dotard from the Russia investigation. His nasty and unnecessary contribution brought Trump's record of cheating on every one of his wives front and center. If cheating on one's spouse is a good enough reason to question the credibility of an FBI agent who is under oath, where does that leave the credibility of anything the pussy grabber says or Tweets?

Oh please oh please oh please bring that Louie character back for episode 2.  Please.

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480 Minutes / Year 14 - Episode 27 / Episode #609 overall

*based on his words he is the President of some 30% of Americans; based on his deeds he is the President of less than 1% Americans.

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