Saturday, August 04, 2018

Sunday Is Rerun Day!

Sunday 8/5/18 rerun schedule:

1 a.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 8/3/18)

11 a.m. - Fuzzy Road (original air date 7/31/18)

1 p.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 8/1/14)

11 p.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 8/3/12)


*8/1/14 show preview:

8/3/12 show preview:

* The 8/1/14 show contains an epic anti-Obama administration rant regarding its transparent, bullshit excuses for not legalizing marijuana. The rant holds up four years later, and is even more relevant today because the current Attorney General isn't just resisting legalization, he's working overtime to reinstate the full on failed War On Drugs level of hostility towards this benign, improperly scheduled substance with proven medical properties. If you are one of those listeners who doesn't like my politics and often tells me, "Well you weren't mad about [fill in the blank] when Obama did it," here's a chance to hear for yourself that that assumption is incorrect. You can hear the rebroadcast of said rant at about 6:35pm on Sunday, 8/5/18. Enjoy!

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