Friday, September 07, 2018

480 Minutes - Desecration of Democracy

This week the (as yet unindicted) Co-Conspirator-In-Chief revealed once again, in no uncertain terms, that he holds in contempt the rule of law. He condemned his Attorney General for prosecuting two crooked Republican members of congress, one for insider trading, the other for improper use of campaign funds. Drain the swamp, indeed.

Then there was that anonymous NY Times Op Ed penned by someone in the White House who is busily keeping the "half-baked, ill-informed, and occasionally reckless" so-called *President from imprisoning anyone who disagrees with him, assassinating foreign leaders, and, oh, I don't know...maybe blowing up the planet? Apparently the author believes him or herself to be a hero even though s/he continues to allow the deranged know-nothing to play with matches after dousing the room with gasoline. All the while the author continues to advance policies Americans who know that Medicare is a socialist program (amongst other basic facts about our country, its government, and the social safety net) wouldn't vote for. S/he touts as bright spots: the Robin Hood In Reverse tax scam; the ongoing deregulation of industry heralding a return to the such past glories of humankind like feudalism, smog, and financial collapses that only hurt the masses; and of course force-feeding ever more of our national treasure down the gullet of the military-industrial complex. Spending money on universal healthcare is off the menu because that might deprive the wealthy of their foie gras, after all.

The ultimate goal of the Op Ed is likely to insulate the Republican brand from the angry child-like know-nothing vulgarian. In that it will fail, for it is the Paul Ryans, the Mitch McConnells, the evangelical charlatans and other "religious" leaders, and of course those around him in the White House (including the Op Ed author) who are responsible for allowing and enabling the ongoing shameful daily desecration of democracy.

On the good news front, Democrats showed a lot of spine this week demanding the release of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh documents, revealed ones that showed he'd lied under oath (which I'm pretty sure is a crime here in the U.S.). Meanwhile Kamala Harris visibly rattled the nominee multiple times with questions that had him stammering and unable to remember simple things (throughout the hearings he has "remembered" many a specific date, case, and minute detail when it was convenient). The most important question may have been whether Kavanaugh had discussed the Mueller investigation with anyone at the law firm of the *President's personal lawyer -- he really looked bad not immediately answering that one with an unequivocal "no" -- and the instant classic, soon to be on a billboard somewhere, "Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?"

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480 Minutes / Year 14 - Episode 35 / Episode #617 overall

*President of those who don't know or care that he's full of shit and cares about nothing (including them) but himself.

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