Friday, November 02, 2018

480 Minutes - It's November, Please Vote

This week the narcissist in chief, when talking at a political rally about a mass shooting, managed to make it all about himself. He complained not about a terrorist murdering Americans for their faith, but about how the tragedy hurt Republican momentum heading into the midterms. He didn't mention the Americans murdered by a conspiracy nut white supremacist who subscribes to and was inspired by the lies 45 himself has tweeted about the #scaravan.

He also continued to attack the media as enemies of the people, a tactic straight from the fascist playbook which has already inspired murders in Annapolis, MD, and more than a dozen attempted bombings.

Is it possible 45 is from another planet? Humans are supposed to have some compassion. Some sense of their place in the world. Some sense of what's right. Some sense of decency. This man seems to have no sense at all.

Meanwhile the Nationalist Party has produced a monumentally racist, fear-mongering ad full of unsubstantiated claims and outright falsehoods designed to mislead, terrify, and mobilize their base. If you believe that the George Soros-funded #scaravan full of liberal transgender middle eastern abortion doctor lizard people criminals from the planet Zorg which won't reach the U.S. border for weeks is a threat to national security, please remember that the people peddling this lie also sold you a #taxscam that provided tremendous permanent tax cuts to corporations and the super wealthy while offering most of the rest of us next to nothing...and those meager tax cuts expire. Don't let them play you again.

Please vote out all of the people who have helped 45 along the way. That includes the people who spread his un-American hateful, xenophobic, anti-immigrant messages, those who have been hell-bent for years now on removing the pre-existing conditions protections provided by the Affordable Care Act, those who screamed bloody murder about deficit-reduction throughout the Obama presidency only to knowingly blow up said deficit themselves once they found themselves in a position to help their corporate and wealthy masters. Those craven bastards need to hear from you.

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480 Minutes / Year 14 - Episode 43 / Episode #625 overall

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